Carpet Cleaning Mistakes You do not Want to Make

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes You do not Want to Make

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes You do not Want to Make

Christmas is all about food, fun and festivity. Foods and beverages are an essential part of any festival. During the moment you are enjoying your foods, often it can also fall on your carpet. The next reaction you will give is something horrifying. But let me tell you there is no need to worry unless you repeat some mistakes.

Here is a list of some common mistakes regarding carpet cleaning that you must stay abstain.

Never rub the stain

One of the common mistakes people used to do is by scrubbing the stain. It will be your obvious reaction to remove the stain as fast as possible when something will spill over the carpet. However, scrubbing causes more harm to your carpet than any benefit. Instead, you must put an absorbent cloth or paper on the liquid. These will absorb the liquid as much as possible and will let your carpet damage free.

Do not use any harsh cleanser

If the absorption method will not work, which in most of the cases do not, you have to go for a carpet cleaner. The carpet cleaner will help you out in such situations. However, not all types of carpet cleaner will suit yours. Harsh carpet cleaners can make the carpet rough or can cause the discolouration. Therefore, you must try the cleanser on a corner of the carpet rather insignificant area to check the effects of it. If you will find any adverse effect, do not use it in future.

Do not let the spill on the carpet for long

Another common mistake often people do by leaving the spill for a long. I know it is difficult to clean the stain in the middle of a party. But if you do not remove it early, the stain can turn into a long and permanent one. Still, I can suggest that you must address the stain as soon as you point it out. Further, to remain double sure, you can check your carpet once a week. It will help you to identify if there will be any stain.

Poor Maintenance

One of the biggest reasons for carpet damage is poor maintenance. Carpet cleaning is important and one must do it at a regular interval. Vacuuming your carpet is very important. You can ask professional carpet cleaning as we have experience and the right equipment to clean your carpet. Remember, in case of not cleaning the carpet regularly, it can damage your carpet fibres. Therefore, the longevity of the carpet may reduce. A professional cleaning will increase the life of your carpet.

To conclude, I can say that carpet cleaning needs regular professional cleaning. We at ChemDry can kick out any tough stain from your carpet.

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