Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning Solutions

A beautiful carpet will easily improve the look and aesthetic of your home or workplace. But all carpets absorb dirt and dust, especially those placed in high traffic areas, which leads to an increase in dust mites and potential allergies. That’s why we, at ChemDry Pro Knoxfield look forward to providing our customers with highly effective carpet cleaning solutions. Apart from using the hot extraction cleaning procedure, we also utilise eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions, which make us a leading choice in the market.

We offer various professional strength home care products, perfectly designed to keep your environment healthier and cleaner. These items are perfectly safe for your home, children and pets. These eco-friendly products are great to use to clean your carpets at regular intervals in-between our professional cleaning appointments.

  • Professional Strength Spot Removal

If you’re battling tough stains, simple cleaning won’t do and you will need professional help. But not every stain needs our attention. If you want to give it a go yourself, try using our Professional Strength Spot Removal, which will help to remove the stain thoroughly with just a spray.

This item meets the highest standards for Green Certification, which ensures that you can use this product safely in your home. This spot remover lifts stains to the surface, making them a lot easier to clean. You can use our spot remover as a pre-wash spotter for those tough laundry stains too.

  • Professional Strength Grease & Oil Remover

Another eco-friendly way to maintain a clean carpet is to use our Professional Strength Grease & Oil Remover. It is perfect for removing any nasty grease and oil stains from your favourite carpet. If your carpet is suffering from an adhesive based stain, our green-certified remover is the perfect one-stop solution for it. When you have our eco-friendly cleaning products on hand, you won’t always have to call us at ChemDry Pro for carpet cleaning in Knoxfield.

  • World Famous Pet Odour Remover

If you have pets at home, chances are high they might have urinated or defecated on your carpet. While you can clean it up with an absorbent towel and water, often the stain is too pungent to go away completely. That’s when you need our specially formulated and green-certified World Famous Pet Odour Remover. This remover is so powerful that it can instantly tackle any mess or stain left behind by your furry friend.

  • Dust Mite Anti-Allergen

Want to fight allergens resulting from your unclean carpet? In between regular professional carpet cleaning, try using our Dust Mite Anti-Allergen to maintain cleanliness and keep allergens at bay. This water-based product will eliminate the allergens from their source, and is green-certified, which means you can use it near pets, children and elderly people without causing problems.

You’ll find the details of our carpet cleaning solutions online. There are many more options available than have been already mentioned. So waste no time and check them out now!

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