Stain Extinguisher: Grease & Oil Spot Remover
Stain Extinguisher: Grease & Oil Spot Remover

Item Description

Oil and grease stains are made up of a totally different structure compared to water-based stains, so you can’t treat them like other common carpet stains. Developed and used by the world’s most trusted cleaning professionals,Chem Dry Pro Grease & Oil Extinguisher is specially formulated to remove fresh grease and oil spots from carpet and upholstery. It is ideal for removing most grease and oil-based spots such as mascara, lipstick, adhesives, crayons, marker pens and much more. Find other Chem Dry Pro products: Stain Extinguisher for water-based stains, Stain Extinguisher for Grease & Oil stains, Carpet Deodorizer, and Pet Urine Odour Remover. Buy any 3 Chem Dry Pro products for free shipping. Special shipping information: Due to the nature of this item, returns cannot be accepted. See sellers page for replacement information for defective products.

Product Details


  •  From the world’s leading carpet and upholstery cleaner ChemDry Pro
  •  Specially-formulated to fight oil and grease stains specifically
  •  Tackles & removes stains caused by butter, cooking oil, crayons, certain glues, lipstick and make up, marker pens and more grease-based stains
  •  No dirt-attracting residue

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